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One Night amongst the Necromancers

Billede06.jpgThe Disciples of the Lich King are gathering – and you are not invited!

The adventurers are drawn into a haunted dungeon home of necromancers and their allies. This is the premise for this OSR-style D&D 5th edition adventure. It has been uploaded to DMs Guild – you can find it here: One Night amongst the Necromancers – and it is a tricky adventure with many moving parts. It is not an adventure, where the PCs are supposed to kill their way from room to room. Rather there are a lot of NPCs to interact with, and many have their own plans.

Originally this adventure was from the Viking-Con (a Danish RPG con) story line “Return to …”, where a series of older Hinterlandet adventures were visited again a few years later giving experienced players the joy of seeing a dungeon, they had visited years before. The original adventure was from The Lich King Returns story line. A fun part of this adventure was seeing the players interact with the remnants of the Lich King’s cult after the Lich King had been defeated. There are several approaches to the adventure, and it invites the players to infiltrate the dungeon, though without dictating how they should go about it.

The adventure has now been adapted to D&D 5th edition and made setting agnostic. It plays out in an ancient Roman-style empire, but can easily be placed in your local fantasy-campaign. As part of the original OSR-inspired style the encounters are formed without respect to balance, but instead allows the PCs to sneak around and taking the different encounters in various orders, and the DM is invited to play along with plenty of suggestions as to situations, that may occur. The Hinterlands strives to follow design-principles like these, instead of doing balanced set pieces.

The adventure contains a bunch of new monsters and NPCs and strange magical items to challenge the players. Magical items in Hinterlandet are generally unique (not counting minor items such as potions), and following this tradition, new weapons and items can be won. A personal favorite for me is The Whispering Skull, which is a skull that whispers spells for wizards to memorize.


Fastaval – The Roleplaying Festival

We are gearing up for Fastaval, the grand roleplaying convention in Denmark. This time it is in April, Easter to be exact, and soon the registration opens (21st of February), and if you are quick, you will get a discount, which is more or less free participation.

So come to Denmark, try our games, and have fun. We have a lot of unusual stuff, that you don’t get to play elsewhere.

The Fastaval FAQ for the curious.

25 years of Fastaval

It is the 25th anniversary, and I am really looking forward to this convention. This year will be doing a lot of extra things such as a beer brewing-competition among roleplayers, and an anniversary book celebrating Fastaval telling its history and it will be combined with the yearly Fastaval-compendium, which compiles GM and player techniques. There are some 20-30 new scenarios (each scenario is run several times with different GMs), a pile of board games and a great bar.

What I Am Doing

As the coordinator of the brewing contest and editor of the compendium I am quite busy right now – and also with writing my scenario for this years Fastaval, and mentoring one of the other scenario-authors. The competition is quite heavy this year with 20-30 scenarios premiering. I had the opportunity to play test one of them at Con2: A Heart of Metal, a metal opera-roleplaying based on Tännhauser and with great love for the metal genre. It is quite fun with its quite unusual structure, where the characters rotate among the players and the same scene is played several times from different angles. We had a lot of fun playing it.

At Con2 I also had the opportunity to play Periid: The TekGards, an unusual game about friendship and art collection among a futuristic unit of supersoldiers in heavy mechanized armor. A central part of the mechanic in the combat scenes is the players hugging, kissing and high fiving each other playing out the close friendship among the troopers, and at the same time improving their combat results. Quite weird, and it will be relaunched at Viking-Con in October.

Next up is Knudepunkt (17th – 20th Feb), the Scandinavian conference on roleplaying and Larp, where I’ll be participating with a talk about the scenario-writing of Fastaval through the last 25 years. Plenty of stuff to keep me busy.