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Gaming, no time for blogging

It is quiet on the blog for the last few months, though my gaming life has been far from quiet, and running two blogs, one in my native language and one in English is time consuming.

So instead of adding new posts or translating more material, if I have been running Curse of Strahd, which ended in an unforeseen TPK in the Amber Temple, when the party encountered a trap, and since the whole purpose of the campaign was to get to explore Castle Ravenloft, and I’ve dug out my old modules, Ravenloft and House of Strahd (comparing the texts of Ravenloft, House of Strahd and Curse of Strahd is actually quite interesting), and we have started playing module I6.

My other group have switched to playing Traveler, and we are having fun exploring the trade and traveling rules, while working our way towards the stellar kingdom of Drinax, where we plan to chase pirates.

My irregular group have almost completed the DCC module The People of the Pit using the D&D 5th rules set (My traveler group went through using the DCC rules), and I have begun a fourth group, where we have set out to play through Tomb of Annihilation placing the campaign in the Mystara setting and focusing on the hex crawl aspects.

I am in the midst of translating one of the early Hinterlandet (The Hinterlands) modules to English, and it should be ready late March, but other projects such as my second playthrough of Pandemic Legacy Season 2 (we bought both the black and the yellow box), is taking up some time, as is podcasting, as my regular podcast on board games (in Danish) is soon going to supplemented with a podcast on roleplaying games (also in Danish).

This post is mostly to get back into writing in English and posting here again, and next up I am planning to have a look at things hidden in RPGs, perception, secret doors and such.


Returning to a Golden Age of Gaming

IMAG0356I have been away from this blog, but not from roleplaying. My Danish blog is very much alive, and for the last few years I have been organizing a living campaign at Danish conventions using the OSR-clone, Hinterlandet (“The Hinterlands”), that I developed, and the living campaign has also worked as a huge playtest. Everything, though, was written in Danish. Now I will return to this blog on a more regular basis, than these last years.

From a roleplaying perspective, these are exciting years with more happening now than in many years. D&D has a lot more public through youtube and twitch channels, authors and filmmakers have revealed their past as role-players, and even board games are trying to emulate some of the role-playing experience not just in the shape of dungeon crawlers like Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Myth, HeroQuest, Shadows of Brimstone, Wrath of Ashardalon etc., but also in games using leagcy-mechanics such as Pandemic: Legacy and Gloomhaven, as with games using apps as the GM as in Mansions of Madness, and as in chapter-based puzzle-like games such as T.I.M.E. Stories, Arkham Horror: The Card Game and Mythos Tales as well as escape-room games such as Unlock! and EXIT. Other board games make use of adventuring elements reminding you of ‘choose your own adventure-books’ like Near and Far, Above and Below, Agents of Smersh and This War of Mine. For board gamers, more than 1000 games are published each year (playing 2 new games each day will not be enough).

At the same time, plenty of old RPGs are being reprinted through kickstarter (CoC, RQ, Chill, Unknown Armies, 7th Sea, Delta Green, Judges Guild modules) or getting relaunches (Vampire), while new and cool ones are coming out both in old styles (DCC, Lamentations, Black Hack, C&C), indie-styles (AW 2nd edition, Lovecraftsque, Blades in the Dark, The Clay that Woke) and new styles (D&D 5th, Tales from the Loop, My Little Pony RPG, Coriolis, Fate, TimeWatch, Cypher System).

For analog gamers like me these are great times, and mostly I just don’t have time enough for all these games. Whoever I will try and bring life back to this blog and share my experiences with you, my thoughts and ideas on RPGs. and my projects (and start writing in English again. I always feel clumsy writing in English). See you around.

See you around.

Call for Board Games

The Danish Roleplaying Festival Fastaval, which each year presents some 20-30 cutting-edge roleplaying scenarios in the Scandinavian style of pen & paper and Parlor LARPS has expanded into board gaming as well. This year awards were also given to the best Board Game Design, and this tradition continues.

Fastaval Board Game Competition 2013

The rules are simple. You must present a workable, playable board game at Fastaval. It must be a ‘new’ game (so not a project, you be hiding in your drawer for the last five years), and it must be playable even if you are not present at the table.

The Challenge

These two points are optional:

  • Writing rules. The participating games in 2012 were in general on a very high level, but the rules were not always of the same standard. Game-rules should be helpful to the players, not an obstacle. They must be made and layouted so they easily starts the players off and makes any complicated aspects of the game clear and understandable.
  • “Borders / breaking down borders”. You are by no means required to follow this “theme”. It’s more like a suggestion from us to you, to challenge the mechanics and settings for what is considered “normal elements” in a boardgame or, on a meta level, think of a game that breaks down borders “between players” . Which borders and between what, we will leave to you to figure out.

To participate you must send your Board Game Synopsis within the deadline of October 1. 2012 to

If you’re board gamer or board game designer, then send your synopsis to Fastaval and participate in the contest about the Prestigious Otto Award. Read the full text on the competition here: Fastaval Board Games.